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"Sunset", 2011, 11"x14" Leaves, paper, glue on canvas

My art is inspired by nature, color and the transformative process.


The characteristics of light by which one is made aware of objects, their wavelength, luminance and purity.


The forces that produce and control all phenomena of the material world.


Changing the nature, function, or condition of.


Foresee; to know by intuition, or reflection.


To formulate a plan.

My work germinates in a variety of experiences, from travel to immediate exploration of nature, to years of study at Massachusetts College of Art and Harvard University; always with an eye towards intertwining worlds, words, shapes, movement, and dimension with profound playfulness and sacred amusement.

My art is an amalgam of diverse elements meant to elicit a spirit of renewal and playful curiosity. Enjoy!

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